’tis the Season

In all honesty, I feel a mix of joy and dread as the holidays approach. Bells play over the CVS speakers and my shoulders tighten a little. What do I get my family members for Christmas? Should I get Justin and his family Hanukkah gifts? How do I spell Hanukkah? Do I send cards to everyone I know or just close ties? How do we fit in all of our tasks and still spend quality time with loved ones? What’s the right way to do the holidays?

Those florescent moments of panic pass as I remember; there is no right way, of course. Still. the best well to counter holiday stress is to take good care of myself while preparing. If I do that, I am less likely to get caught up in the craziness of the season and more likely to revel in it. Here are some ways to take good care of yourself around the holidays:

  1. Find indulgences beyond food and drink. Lord knows I love this kind of indulgence, but there are so many treats this time of year, I tend to lose my sense of balance. Get a massage, go to a restorative yoga class (lots of pillows) or make yourself a batch of lemon foot soak for God’s sake.
  2. If you gift, gift mindfully. Give a present because it symbolizes a thought or particular shared interest. Embrace the philosophy of quality (thoughtfulness) over quantity.
  3. Let go (er, try) of guilt. if you are going to indulge, then let yourself enjoy. It is the holidays, after all.
  4. Finally, and this is perhaps counter-intuitive, be present even when it is uncomfortable. Families are messy and wonderful. Show up for all of it in body and mind.

And finally, a few links to inspire your new self care regime!

  • Lululemon’s lavender lemon foot soak looks beautiful and smells amazing.
  • This tea from this cute mug is my ritual for soothing nerves before bed.
  • Dr. Haushka’s Night Serum is not cheap, but it is truly restorative when the weather gets harsh and sleep scarce. Even Martha loves it. I mean, you cannot dispute Martha!
  • A pot of Heidi Swanson’s Immunity Soup is the perfect antidote to stress and heavy meals.

Do you have little ways (or big) to keep taking care of yourself when the holidays approach?







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