good and simple

Back a few weeks ago, when life was still revolving around a wedding and the stress was building, I got real sick. Like, could-barely- move sick. It wasn’t quite the flu. We respectfully referred to it as the plague. After about 10 days, I began to feel like the living again and the sun even came out. I got back to some  projects. I planted seeds to start inside and a fresh new herb garden of basil, mint and thyme.


 I was feeling hopeful. Then, Justin got the same terrible bug. The sun dissipated and the snow came back. We both felt the winter weighing on us and longed for simpler, warmer days. It was not in the cards to shed that burden yet, so we muddled through. Comforting ourselves with quiet, we reminded each other that life is constant motion of change, even when we feel like we’re stuck. IMG_0611

Cooking and baking are mediative for me.  They have the same appeal as teaching does. You begin and finish something in the same day. You may make a mess, but in the end if you are diligent and committed, you’ve achieved something to share with others.. Baking is often how I take time out during a weird week or month.

If you know us, you might also know we like lemons. I made some lemon bars that week. They have that simpler goodness that felt unattainable in the month leading up to our wedding. If you need a little indulgence or a reminder that life is sweet even when you’re getting pummeled, do yourself a favor; bake these. And the sun will come back. In fact, it’s here now.


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