Hi! I’m Sarah. I was born in Bucks County, a beautiful bucolic area outside of Philadelphia. My grandparents were the original authors of the Berenstain Bear series, so I grew up in a house where writing books was just what you did. From Bucks, I went to college in Austin, Texas and graduate school in New York. As a teen and college student, I was a voracious reader and eager writer but didn’t chase the dream once I graduated.


I met my husband in New York and fell so in love, I somehow ended up in Western Pennsylvania, where I no longer have the distractions of city life.


I decided to use my new open schedule to work within some of my passions. My career for the last five years has been teaching young children, but I recently stopped to write and become a yoga teacher; both big dreams that have been stowed away for years. So far, it has been scary and great.

I love the outdoors at golden hour, good books on the train, cooking projects, yoga and my family. Happy reading, ya’ll!